Tropical Decor

Tropical Affair

tropical flowers for all special occasions

We are professional local girl slayers, meaning, with a machete & some rubber boots, we can harvest from our various properties to share with you an abundance of tropical flowers, perfect for any special occasion decor. Its better than plastic, & shipping decorations from off island. Tropical flowers can be very fragrant, & colorful; gathered fresh from our island, and gifted to you for your special day. 

When our backyard flowers are not in full bloom, we support many road-side fruit stands & farms on our little island. 

By utilizing local flowers you contribute to the local economy, while decreasing your carbon footprint. This is important to our values and everyday sustainable lifestyle. We do not promote the use of plastic decorations for large occasions, and events. Working hard to minimize your footprint is a huge step forward towards minimalism, and sustainability. 

For harvest request, or flower orders, please email me at for more info.