Handmade Koa Earrings

Handmade Koa Earrings


Handmade Koa Wood Earrings.

The largest of native forest trees (Acacia koa), with light-gray bark, crescent-shaped leaves, and white flowers in small, round heads. A legume with fine, red wood, a valuable lumber tree, formerly used for canoes, surfboards, calabashes, now for furniture and ukuleles. A small koa was sometimes added to the hula altar to Laka, goddess of the hula, to make the dancer fearless. The name koa may be qualified by the terms kā, kū ma kua, kū mauna. E ola koa, live like a koa tree.

Koa is extremely symbolic to our culture, and traditions, at one point, only royalty were allowed to own it.

Koa was used for aw’a (canoe), surfboards, lua weapons, ukuleles, bowls for sacred ceremony and now jewelry.

In Hawaiian, Koa means Brave and Courageous and it was thought that whoever owns koa will grow in those virtues.

Designed and made by Stoner Wood, Nahiku, Maui.

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Every set of Koa earrings are carved & created individually, making ever set unique.

Color and Texture in Wood may vary.